Larger 360-Degree Booths provide you the options to design a 3D custom booths.  Attendees will have the option to move from location to location and view graphics, videos, and literature.  Avatars may be placed around the booth providing information on various items or products, as well as link the viewer to outside websites.


Clicking designated areas will allow viewers to view videos
relating to products


Links may be assigned to specific areas allowing viewers
the ability to read and download PDF's


Place Avatars in your booth with Icons to share educational information or connect to live video chat to speak with your staff directly


Custom design the interior of your booth with stands, products, colors, and furniture to match your brand.


Live Video Chat is included in each booth. Schedule your own in booth live class or training


Apply web links in specific areas of your booth directing your audience to valuable information you would like to share


Below are examples of 3D Booths.  An updated list will be provided upon request.  Once a booth is chosen, a representative will go through your design pertaining to colors, video, and graphic placement and design.


Depending on the size and details requested.  A large booth consisting of up to 10 graphics, literature, and videos is estimated between $1,800 – $2,500.  This will provide up to five 360 rendering locations.  Basic removal of furniture and loose items may be removed or relocated. 

STEP 1 – Contact Tennant@avideoink.com.  A list of booth options will be provided.

STEP 2 – Choose your booth and discuss options.  An estimate will be provided based on booth chosen and the amount of details requested.

STEP 3 – Once your booth has been purchased, company graphics and logos will be uploaded to a link provided by Avideolink.  These graphics and logos will then be applied to your booth, as well as any structural and color changes.  A copy of the booth will be provided in 3D for approval.

STEP 4 – Upon approval your booth will be rendered into 360-degree areas in predetermined locations in the booth.  Videos, Literature, Avatars, and web links will be added at this point.

ADDITIONS – There are many additional options available.  Creating custom bottles, foliage, shelving, avatars, furniture, etc.  These items may all be added upon request.  Additional items will not be added until the original request has been completed. 


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