About us

Avideolink provides streaming at an affordable price reaching viewers around the world through our custom platform.


Avideolink was created as a subsidiary company of Tacea Production Services . A leader in trade show audio-visual, lighting and production, Tacea Productions formed Avideolink.com in response to the technological and economic changes impacting today’s global marketplace. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Avideolink.com stages events worldwide. Our main focus is to supply a means for business to stream live events world wide. As well as through digital advertising.

Tennant Tacea


Tennant Tacea designer of Avideolink comes from the show production background. With over 20 years of experience producing events throughout the US ranging from multi manufacturer events to theatrical shows. Avideolink provides an added service to shows allowing our customers to stream their events world wide without the expense of travel.

Lance E. Stephens

Web Designer
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