Welcome to the Goldwell/KMS Salon Station Digital Program! Our monitors are designed to share product videos & graphics in order to boost sales and salon promotions. Salon owners report that the monitors increase conversation between the stylist and their clients, making it easy to raise awareness of specials and the professional products they carry.

2:30 Content example used in Parisian Salon. (Not actual resolution)


The 7” salon station monitors are extremely easy to set up and are placed on a mirror, wall, or counter.  All you need is an outlet and wifi, and you’re ready to go. Each screen comes with a pre-loaded app on the player. After loading in your wifi password and clicking the app you will then be connected to the latest videos and graphics designed by Goldwell/KMS. Video content will run continuously throughout the day in a 30-40 minute loop.



Not only will you receive the latest videos and graphics directly from Goldwell & KMS, you now have pre made ads designed to boost the sales of your favorite products!  Choose three ads monthly as part of your yearly subscription.  Click here to view your choices, enter your salon information and press submit.  The ads will be updated at the beginning of each month and may run as long as you desire.



The yearly subscription totals 20,275 award points and includes unlimited monitors per location.  For 5,000 points per player you will receive a 7” HD touch screen to be placed on a mirror, wall, or counter. Players will be preloaded with the latest Goldwell/KMS videos and graphics designed to increase sales and product awareness. Points include shipping, mirror hangers, and cable holders.
The package includes three monthly individual salon specials using pre-existing backgrounds provided by Goldwell|KMS. Custom text may be added to backgrounds upon request.  

ORDER NOW Please allow 3 weeks delivery time once your order is placed.


Additional Options are available to salons outside the awards program. By using the Avideolink website you will be able to create custom Look Books, and add Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Photo options to your daily video loop.

CUSTOM LOOK BOOK By taking the screen off the mirror you may hand it to your client and do a full consultation by flipping through our custom picture software. Cost $150.00 set up and $20.00 monthly.

CREATE YOUR OWN ADSAvideolink will create individual ads for a one time fee of $55.00. These ads may be used as many times as you would like throughout the year. Content must not conflict with Goldwell/KMS products.

SOCIAL MEDIAAdd Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds. This will allow salons to put live, up to the minute posts from social media in the mix of videos and ads. One time charge of $65.00.

LARGE SCREENS Do you have large screens in your salon? We offer digital sticks that plug directly into your HDMI input and will run and update the same content as shown on the smaller monitors. Price per monitor $225.00 (includes pre-programming). No additional monthly fee to salon if using small monitors.

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