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                                                                                                15″ DIGITAL TOUCH SCREENS  $295.00


15″ Screens are an ideal way to increase sales, educate, and entertain your clients while sitting in your chairs or at the reception area.

Share your latest promotions and upcoming events, as well as the most recent social media using Android touch screen software.  This will allow stylists to access look books, websites, and booking software at their stations or the front desk.   




$250.00 Each





Take advantage of your current screens or choose any size monitor for your salon and add our digital stick!

Just plug in the HDMI stick to your screen and you’re ready to receive the latest Goldwell & KMS videos and graphics.

Share your latest promotions, videos, and social media on large screens where the entire salon can view your content in High Definition.

Increased Recall and Retention Rate

Digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays. Not only do they capture more views, but their recall rate is 83%.

Boost in Revenue

A combination of powerful text, images, and videos strongly influence purchasing decisions, especially since 60% of a shopper’s purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale.


Since digital signage displays eliminate the need for printing, companies that use digital signage technology can reduce the cost of printing materials like brochures, menu boards, traditional billboards and large posters.


30-40 Minute loop for Goldwell/KMS Video and Graphics

3 – Monthly ads of your choice loaded on every screen

Daily unit monitoring

Updating of content provided by KAO

Hosting of Salon Videos/Graphics



(Subscription must be purchased with units)

  1. Goldwell/KMS loop will be loaded to your unit before shipping.
  2. Once the unit is received.  Turn on, connect to salon Wifi, the content will then begin to play.
  3. Content is stored on the player and is not streaming live.  Therefore it will not slow down salon wifi speed.
  4. A link will be supplied to you to upload personal videos and graphics.  Three monthly ads are included in the yearly subscription.  Additional content may be added for a $65.00 fee.


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