Live Web Streaming

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Streaming events live has become an affordable solution for many businesses with the advent of more powerful personal computers and mobile devices and greater network bandwidth. An interactive, dynamic way to engage your audience, live web streaming lets your events be broadcast in real time.

Rather than sitting mindlessly viewing a PowerPoint presentation, live web streaming encourages audience participation with chat areas and live interaction.  Save the travel expense of bringing in hundreds of your attendees by hiring Avideolink to stream your next event anywhere in the world!


The use of broadcasting live audio and video over the internet using streaming media technology is virtually limitless.  Avideolink has created our own platform to work directly with systems such as Newtek or Livestream.  Streaming High Definition or multibit rate gives viewers the option to watch on various streaming devices and different speeds.



The Avideolink platform allows our clients to have their viewers register for events in advance.  This provides the option to charge viewers or view for free.  Registration forms may be customized to request specific information from your viewers and store the information on a database.

An administrator will be appointed to the site information allowing customers the option to view who has viewed programs and for how long.

Streaming pages will be custom designed using your artwork to match the look you desire for your program.  We may also stream directly to your website if requested.

Your event will be available for On Demand viewing immediately following the live stream.  Clients may store their footage on Avideolink servers or a copy will be provided following the event.




Player pages may be as elaborate or basic as desired.  Avideolink custom designs based on your requests.  Our platform consists of a main entry page, registration page, log in, and viewing area.  The example below just consists of one URL and no registration.’s professional technicians provide access to your company’s live presentations for one person or thousands. Virtual training and meetings are the new frontier. Ensure your company’s success when streaming events live by partnering with who has over 20 years of technical experience producing meetings, hosting videos, and streaming events.  Call today to receive a quote on your next event!

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